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Carina Hellmich


My areas of expertise include:

Personal Development: Tailored programs and strategies designed to meet your unique needs, fostering your growth and development.

Mental Health: With proven methods and empathetic counseling, I support you in leading a balanced and fulfilling life.

ELI Assessment: The Energy Leadership Index Assessment offers a unique perspective on your personal energy that influences your behavior and worldview.

Peak Performance: Whether in sports, career, or daily life, I help you maximize your performance and achieve consistency in your excellence.

Self-Discovery: Discover your true values, strengths, and passions with my support, to lead a life that truly resonates with you.

I offer customized coaching programs designed to enhance individual talents and team dynamics within your company.

My coaching services are carefully tailored to encourage your employees' individual growth paths while developing a strong, synchronized team structure.

I adopt a holistic approach that prioritizes both personal development and team dynamic skills.

Individual Coaching Packages:

Standard Package: Eight sessions focused on unfolding personal competencies and sharpening the professional profile.

Extended Package: Fifteen sessions for a deeper engagement with individual career paths and challenges.

VIP Package: Fully customizable, with flexible session arrangements tailored to personal requirements and goals.

Team Development Packages:

Our team development packages aim to enhance collaboration as well as the collective intelligence and engagement of each team member. This includes using the ELI (Energy Leadership Index™) Assessment, a cornerstone of our team development processes. This tool provides valuable insights into individual and team energy profiles, allowing us to plan and implement targeted development measures.

Each package begins with a comprehensive needs assessment and culminates in a specifically developed coaching plan. I am committed to providing ongoing support and adaptive strategies.

Invest in the future of your company by investing in the development of your employees and teams.

Create a performance-oriented culture that is founded on continuous learning and development.

Visit our ELI Assessment page for more information and discover how I can elevate your team to the next level.

Contact me to learn more about my individual and team coaching programs.

I am ready to guide you and your team towards peak performance.

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