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Carina Hellmich

ELI | 

The assessment, recommended from the

Forbes Coaching Circle

The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) is a unique assessment tool available exclusively to iPEC-certified coaches, translating your worldview into measurable metrics.

Unlike well-known personality tests that pinpoint fixed traits, ELI focuses on your current attitudes towards work and life.

This approach allows for personal transformation by understanding and shifting energy levels.

Everyone has experienced both catabolic and anabolic energies. Catabolic energy, often seen in perpetually angry leaders, drains energy and generates negativity. In contrast, anabolic energy is constructive and fosters creativity and motivation.

Your energy influences your perceptions; your mood for the day can affect how you view an event. There are seven levels of energy that describe our responses to situations.

With the ELI assessment, you'll understand where you're channeling your energy and can then develop strategies to align it with your goals.

Combined with iPEC's Energy Leadership Development System, this can enhance productivity, relationships, and self-confidence. Ultimately, Energy Leadership aims to empower you to lead with passion and purpose.

Do you need this for your team or for yourself?

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