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Carina Hellmich

LinkedIn for Creators

top voice

Not long ago, like many others, I was searching for my voice on LinkedIn.

Starting with a modest 198 contacts, I could never have imagined that in just six months, I would rise to become a LinkedIn Top Voice with over 100,000 followers!

This also includes a newsletter captivating the interest of more than 80,000 curious readers and earning 14 TopVoice Community Badges.

This journey has been incredibly educational and inspiring for me, and now I want to share my insights and experiences with you, so you can find your own path to success on LinkedIn.

In this workshop, I will share valuable insights into LinkedIn's "Creator Tools," show you how to optimize your profile and network effectively.

We will explore which content resonates and how to strategically use LinkedIn to increase your influence and generate financial gain.

Regardless of your current experience on LinkedIn, you will learn techniques and strategies that will enhance your presence and impact on the platform.

Rediscover LinkedIn and become the voice that matters – and benefits!

The session includes 2 hours of one-on-one coaching:

1 | Personalized Profile Update

2 | Creator Tools

3 | Networking the Right Way

4 | Support Group

5 | WhatsApp Support


7 | LinkedIn Featuring

8 | Content Strategies

9 | What LinkedIn Values

10 | Tools to Simplify My Work

11 | Earning Money on LinkedIn



€ 360,00

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