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Carina Hellmich

LinkedIn for Companies


Duration: 2 sessions of 2 hours each

(Group sessions for multiple employees available upon request)

  • Individual Profile Update: Optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility and impact.

  • Creator Tools: Utilize LinkedIn’s Creator Tools to create engaging content.

  • Effective Networking: Develop effective networking strategies for sustainable professional relationships.

  • Support Group: Benefit from our exclusive support group for continuous support and exchange.

  • WhatsApp Support: Receive quick responses and support through our WhatsApp service.

  • TOP VOICE: Discover how to be recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice.

  • LinkedIn Featuring: Learn how to get your content featured on LinkedIn.

  • Content Strategies: Develop powerful content strategies that resonate with your target audience.

  • Understanding LinkedIn: Comprehend the algorithms and ranking factors of LinkedIn.

  • Tools to Facilitate Your Work: Discover tools that make your LinkedIn activities more efficient.

  • Earning Money on LinkedIn: Learn how to use LinkedIn to increase your revenue.

  • LinkedIn Ads: Master the art of LinkedIn advertising for targeted campaigns.

  • Company Pages: Optimize your company page for maximum reach and engagement.

  • Invitations to Company Page

  • Showcase: Learn how to use Showcase Pages to highlight specific aspects of your company.

  • Building an Internal LinkedIn Team

  • Providing Posts for Employees: Create appealing content that your employees can share on LinkedIn.

  • Writing Social Media Guidelines for Employees: Establish clear guidelines for your employees' social media activities to ensure a consistent and professional online presence.

My workshop is designed to provide you with practical skills and in-depth knowledge to strengthen your presence on LinkedIn and lead your company to success.

€ 1200,00

As an experienced LinkedIn user and Blue Top Voice with over 100,000 followers and more than 80,000 newsletter subscribers, complemented by 14 Top Voice Awards, I have deeply understood and successfully leveraged the dynamics of this platform. My goal is to share this knowledge and passion with your company, helping you to effectively use LinkedIn for your objectives.

Let's work together to lead your company to success on LinkedIn!

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