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Carina Hellmich

NOW | ME  group

Each of us has been at this point: in the midst of life, surrounded by everything we've ever dreamed of. Yet, there's a lingering feeling – that sense of "Is this it?"

Despite all the external success and achievements, an inner emptiness persists. A thirst for more, not in the material sense, but a longing to feel oneself again, to know who one is at the core.

It is for these moments, these feelings and questions, that the webinar NOW | ME was created.

It's not just about rediscovering yourself, but also about experiencing this process in a safe and supportive group space. In a world that constantly demands "more, faster, further,"


NOW | ME gives you the space and time to make yourself the top priority.

Here's what you can expect from the NOW | ME group webinar:

1 | 8 group sessions of 90 minutes each – In these intensive meetings, you will dive deep into topics like the Wheel of Life, your personal vision, the journey back to your true self, and your comfort routines.

2 | Daily affirmations via WhatsApp – Start each day with a positive reminder of who you are and who you aspire to be.

3 | Workbook – A companion book to guide you through your journey, capturing your progress, thoughts, and insights.

4 | One-on-one coaching – Either via Zoom or even in person. This intensive session helps you address individual questions and delve deeper into self-discovery.

5 | Exclusive WhatsApp group – During the webinar, you'll be part of a small, intimate group of no more than 10 participants. After each webinar, this community grows as new participants join. This group offers a space for exchange, support, and sharing experiences.


The entire course spans four months with sessions every two weeks. It's a journey that not only lets you know yourself better but also allows you to form valuable connections and friendships with like-minded individuals.

Are you ready to rediscover yourself and live your life with new intensity? If so, NOW | ME is the first step on this wonderful journey to self.

Waiting list for the next start on March 12, 2024 (german), March 13, 2024 ( english)

is now open!

As a thank you, all waiting list customers receive a €60 discount!

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